Monday, January 17, 2011

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Mr. Rook - Guache on Paper 2008

A pretty crow was visiting my bird feeder the other day. I tried to have a conversation with him but he only stared at me with his strange yellowish-brown eye. Why can’t you be my friend Mr. Rook? You have such shiny black feathers and a world of wisdom in your stare. In that card game you always came to me, now please stay at my house. I’ll give you lots of good seeds and tasty berries.

Jilted John - Guache on Paper - 2008

Here I go again, every time I try to do a "legit" children's illustration I wind up with something like this. I can't help but add the little band-aid over the poor Octo's heart. It brings a tear to my eye - sniffle sniffle. I got the inspiration for this piece from some kids in one of the classes I teach - they were going on about a character they called Pollution Squid - something made up and wonderful that depicted a squid swimming in an ocean full of trash. I loved the organic curvy forms of the little tentacles and decided to do some "squid art". Ok, so it's an Octopus and Nautilus in a lover's spat but the squish and splash would be the same for Octo's and Squid.